Photographer Leicester
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 Hello & welcome, I am so happy you are here. Photographs speak for themselves and you just know that you like a photographer when their work evokes emotion in you. I have a natural, relaxed and intuitive approach that captures moments as they happen – journalistic or documentary style photography where you create a story in images.  Whether we are creating your wedding story or just one image, all photographs tell a story.  I always aim to capture truth, emotion and experience; reflecting what is. Ultimately, then, when you look at them, you experience that again – photographs have that power – you could look at one and never think of it again and look at another and it never leave you.

‘Photography is story telling in images…it isn’t capturing what you see, but what you feel that tells the story.’

What’s your Story?

“It was a special day and we felt so relaxed and loved the photographs.”


‘Photography is a beautiful gift…for me in terms of having that natural and innate ability to connect with something or someone on a subtler level to capture that emotion, essence or experience at the right moment and for you because photos make you feel something and have the power to completely transform you in that instant… and that’s a beautiful thing…’