Photographer Leicester
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Photographs speak for themselves; you know you like a photographer by the emotion their work evokes in you. Whether creating your wedding story or just one image, I have a natural, relaxed and intuitive style and approach to capture and reflect truth and what is. Ultimately, then, you experience that over again. Photographs have that power; you could look at one and never think of it again and look at another and it never leave you.

‘Shelley is a people person, true to herself and passionately creative. Her approach to photography is unique, you really do feel you can step into the frame and become part of it.’

What’s your Story?

“It was a special day and we felt so relaxed and loved the photographs.”

St. Andrews Church Wedding Leicester

‘Friendly and professional, Shelley made us feel super relaxed during our engagement shoot, knowing just what to say and where to put us! Even my camera-shy fiancĂ© felt comfortable smiling for the camera! Would recommend to others for sure!’