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In life things work best when they are kept simple. I also believe in good old fashioned ethics and over delivering on value.

All my photography services include the photo session and a full set of professionally edited high resolution images presented on a slideshow and a USB.

Services include:


Lifestyle & Portraits

Occasions & Parties

Corporate Photography

Prints & Frames

I have a full range of print and framing options. Please visit the Print & Frame page for full details and price lists by clicking here.


Photography is 3 things; art, technique and passion. Blended together they create emotional and inspiring images.

This photograph is ‘The Long Room’ at Sudbury Hall. Back then, in the 17th century, women didn’t exercise. Not in the way that we do now anyway. During winter months, when it was deemed too cold for women to brave the outdoors, they would walk up and down the long room for ‘exercise’. This gorgeous room is one of the most beautiful features of Sudbury Hall and is a massive 167 feet long.

Being the hopeless romantic that I am, it is also, notably, the room where Elizabeth first sets eyes on Darcy’s painting during the BBC’s 1996 adaptation of Pride and Prejudice which was filmed at Sudbury Hall.