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Personal Branding

Christine Gilbert Branding
About This Project

Personal branding is all about capturing the essence of who you are and portraying that in photographs. You could say, well that’s a portrait isn’t it? Yes, it is, but personal branding is more than that. I am fortunate to work in brand consulting and I take businesses through the brand strategy process. This really goes into detail to clarify what a brand is about, what’s the attributes, personality and who it is for. Importantly what the brand experience is.

Apply the same process to people and you have personal branding. It doesn’t necessarily mean you have to be a business or in a corporate environment, it’s more about finding out a bit more about who you are and how you show up. Blended together doing a personal brand ‘strategy’ process and then a photography session is a brilliant way of helping you figure out your own personal brand.

My subject here is the amazingly talented and super leadership coach, Christine.