Christmas - Shelley Costello Photography
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Capturing your loves this Christmas

As my kids grew up, I really started to cherish those photos I took when they were little. Oh how their dad and I love to look at them and ‘aah’ over how cute they were and how we miss being able to pick them up. Seriously my son is just teetering on 6ft and so although his dad might still be able to lift him, I most certainly cannot!

We took the photo above in Knighton Park…what a funny Christmas shoot it was, with a bit of head gear and the dog, we set to on creating some photos for Christmas cards and in the process some pretty good memories.

Don’t miss it…..don’t miss a thing and take as many photos of your lovely kids as you can. One day they will be grown up and move away and you’ll be loving those photos you have of them.

This year, I would love to capture those memories for you. If the weather isn’t great I can come to your house. If you can tog them up we can go outside….kids are just so much more themselves when they are tearing around a park or throwing leaves in the air.

Christmas Packages & What’s Included…

OPTION 1 – £55

1 hour photo shoot


20 edited images

2x 8×10 prints

1x 5×7 prints

5x 6×4 prints

OPTION 2 – £65

1 hour photo shoot


20 edited images

3x 8×10 prints

2x 5×7 prints

8x 6×4 prints

OPTION 3 – £75

1 hour photo shoot


20 edited images

4x 8×10 prints

4x 5×7 prints

10x 6×4 prints


Get in touch, would love to hear from you!