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final edits

02 May The Final Edits

The final edits for me are as enjoyable as the photo shoot itself.  I'm like a kid at Christmas when I get home after a shoot. Seeing the photos on the big screen is like unwrapping gifts with all the 'aaaahs' and 'oooohs' that go...

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26 Apr A Beach Life…

A Beach Life Ah, the holiday road. I could totally spend the rest of my days happily living a beach life. Some years back I went to California and did the Highway 1 road trip. After an eventful and hilarious adventure and reading and being inspired by...

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05 Mar Goals

Today the wind is blowing, it's cold and the rain coming down hard. Yesterday, however, we made double temperature digits, the sun was shining and the sky blue. Good job because we went to Goals Leicester, a football chain venue with all weather pitches. Mixed...

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01 Mar What makes a great photograph?

This is such a subjective question but I think there are definitely elements that contribute to making a great photograph. Whilst you may have an idea of what you are looking to achieve before you start, or your subject having given you an expectation is...

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05 Feb Baby, Baby, Baby

Yesterday I did a beautiful baby photo shoot for Lily who is just 3 months old. As you can see she is super cute and so taking great photographs was not difficult. Composition, however, was a little tricky. Her mum, grandma and I came up with...

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