About - Shelley Costello Photography
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My photography style is natural, relaxed, in the moment and as it happens…ultimately, for me photography is about telling a story, being real and capturing truth.

I’ve always loved taking photos of people, capturing emotion in the perfect moment.  I love photography, it just touches my soul, makes my heart full and so I think I am pretty lucky to have found something I love to do…

I’m also a bit of a writer having published a few books and articles. Not too long ago I published a book, Children Say the Funniest Things, which is a collection of my photography and funny anecdotes and quotes. I donated the profits to the NSPCC and you can help too, if you’d like to, and buy the book on Amazon.

I love photographing people and being in love with the whole happily ever after, (yes that is me in the photo doing my best Princess impression) works well when it comes to photographing weddings…


Steve McCurry – Novice Monk

We are surrounded by inspiration every day, just in the ordinary and a bit like photography really, what you see is in how you perceive your reality and what’s around you.

I’m inspired by people who share their stories of challenge and overcoming the obstacles that life throws at us. Not by way of being a victim or seeking special treatment but for the purpose that their experience might help someone else. I’m inspired by kindness and helping other people regardless of what you do or don’t have yourself.

My kids always inspired me to be better. I think if you strive to always do your best for yourself and others, be kind over right, always and be in a constant state of challenging yourself and learning, you’ll inspire others along the way as well.

It’s cliche, but a picture does tell a thousand words. Photography inspires me and when I see photographs like this one (my favourite), it inspires me in my own work of always being true to capturing emotion, a story or experience in one photograph…

Well, that’s a little about me, so would love to hear about you.