St. Mary Magdalen Church Wedding - Shelley Costello Photography
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St. Mary Magdalen Church Wedding

14 Jun St. Mary Magdalen Church Wedding

I’ve ran past this church many times and never realised until this wedding just how pretty it is. From the lane at the back of the church, there’s an archway that leads through a curious narrow, bush lined path to an incredibly intriguing door. Granted it goes straight into the church, but there’s a definite Harry Potter feel to the door that it may lead somewhere else…good job it didn’t because this is the door Lucy went through to say, ‘I do’ to Matt on a beautiful sunny Saturday at the end of May.

Just a few hours coverage for me, but my philosophy to photography is that it doesn’t matter whether it’s half an hour, a few hours or twelve! The aim is always the same; to create a story in photographs, capturing the emotion and experience of what is going on during those moments of time I am there.

This wedding was very emotional…let the photos speak for themselves.