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Catch up and a coffee

06 May Catch up and a coffee

Hello & here’s to May…

I love May…a little teaser into summer, with some warmer days and brighter skies.

The year I was pregnant with my daughter (many May’s ago) May was ridiculously hot and I spent most of it, being 7 months massively pregnant, sweltering and knee deep in strawberry splits which I couldn’t stop eating. In spite of being uncomfortable, May always reminds me of sunshine and my baby girl, who is now fully grown I might add.

Although there have been a few weddings here and there, for me, wedding season officially starts in May, and I’m excited to be capturing those as well as some individual brand shoots I’ve got lined up that are going to be fun too.

So, with a mix of that light hearted summer sunshine feeling, things I love, latest adventures or misadventures at times and just because good things are always worth sharing, grab a coffee and let’s catch up…






Things I’ve been up to…

The past few months have seen me busy at my desk sending quotes and booking weddings for this year and next. In March I flew out to Italy to ski. That sounds so glamorous – let me tell you, Italy is beautiful, however, nothing glamorous about the ski part. A long story but suffice to say I am a virgin skiier and it was painful.

Shortly afterwards, I joined my fellow photographer, Andrew, for the wedding of Sam & Sean at Badgers Mount (Elmesthorpe) – the photo above is one from the day and it was as fun as it looks.

I was also surprised this month to be nominated and won the UK Enterprise Award for East Midlands: Most Relaxed Wedding Photographer. I felt very grateful and a little humbled too.

I’m looking forward to a month filled with relaxed pre wedding photo shoots, meeting couples and photographing weddings.



I love quotes…it’s not that I am fluffing over the challenges life throws our way, I just believe in the power of a positive mindset.

There’s a really cool app called ‘Motivation’. You can set it to send you quotes through the day depending on what you feel would motivate you.

And talking about challenges, I’ve had a few this month and wanted to share with you this quote I loved…



‘Berry Delightful’

Had to share one of the best desserts I’ve ever made. I was having people over for dinner and wanted a ‘WOW’ dessert. My friend, Ido, (he’s Israeli) gave me the ingredients and instructions over the phone, literally a few hours before dinner. It was GOOD – everyone loved it so much that I named it around him and created a recipe.

Since then I’ve made it many times and the ‘oohs’ and ‘aaah’s’ continue. It’s so simple – honestly, just try it.

Get the Recipe


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