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Confetti and why we throw it

16 Nov Confetti and why we throw it

Confetti… and why we throw it. There are a myriad of reasons given for this, but overall that you are wishing the happy couple congratulations and a lifetime of luck and happiness 💞
Most prominently, in medieval Italy, showering the bride and groom with sugared almond sweets, called confetti, symbolised both prosperity and fertility. I wouldn’t recommend throwing sugared almonds however!
Historically, rice was thrown because it represents fertility…and back to sugared almonds, 5 are often given in little gift wraps or bags on the wedding breakfast tables to symobilise happiness, health, wealth, fertility and longevity to the newlyweds…
Unfortunately, these days not all churches and indeed, venues, allow the throwing of confetti due to the clearing up afterwards…and at recent weddings I’ve found that many guests don’t actually bring it anymore…so am on a personal mission to #bringbackconfetti because it’s such a lovely part of the wedding and makes for very beautiful photographs, like this one 💒🎊