You can't make this stuff up... - Shelley Costello Photography
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You can’t make this stuff up…

11 Nov You can’t make this stuff up…

So this morning I got up early for my first visit to a breakfast networking group…out in Tugby at Cafe Ventoux…
Drove into Tugby, turned left and then sat nav told me to turn next right and I would be there…down the drive I go, lights glowing in the dark on the building looked promising, but as I got closer I thought, no, it’s a house.
You’d think just reversing back the way you came in would work, but it was dark, I couldn’t make the drive out, so checked out the grass – yes the flat grass with leaves – and deduced a quick 3 point turn easier, well no actually, because I proceeded to get stuck 🙈🤦‍♀️😳
It might look like a 4×4, but my SUV is most definitely not. What to do? The house was abandoned somewhat, but with a 4×4 (lucky me) in the drive, I figured maybe someone was home. No answer on the door and the horse in the paddock walked off.
Walked 150 yards down the lane and found Cafe Ventoux – dark, closed and no one there 🙄 few minutes later someone arrived; are you Steve? I asked. Yes, he replied, looking bewildered (I later found out there were 2 Steves so this one had no clue who I was! 😂)
He tried to help and reverse the car, but mud kept flying everywhere. Definitely not getting out of there without a 4×4 he said! Told him to carry on with meeting, I’d go find a farmer and maybe come for a coffee later!
Woke my partner up….but said I’d try and figure it out …he was definitely doing this face 🙄😂
Odd few houses….picked the one with the 4×4 in the drive – 6.45 am banging on some door. Dogs barking like crazy, lady answers the door but talking to me through a 5mm gap she opened in the door! It’s a glass door!! It’s not like I look menacing 😳 She said someone should answer at the house where my car is and her husband is asleep 😴 no help there then!
Back to the house and still no answer. Definitely no one there.
My car has this clever little On Call button that I’ve never used…well I’m stranded so pressed it and ‘ta daaaa’, Volvo Assist to the rescue…but not for 90 minutes, so I rang Carl back and half hour later and a few snaps of the only pulley he could find in his truck, I was mud free to join the group for a quick coffee 15 minutes before the end 🤩
What an introduction…they’re not going to forget me in a hurry 😂😂