Inner Princess - Shelley Costello Photography
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Inner Princess

17 Dec Inner Princess

I am always happy to visit my photographer friend at her amazing studio in Stafford. We have done a couple of photo shoots before and this time agreed on stepping outside my comfort zone and doing some boudoir shots. Where creativity is concerned you just don’t know how things are going to go and what we ended up doing was well far removed from boudoir. Gayle has the most stunning set of gowns and outfits, props and accessories that she has carefully collected for her work in fine art portraiture. I have always been in love with fairytale stories and happily ever after. I’m old fashioned when it comes to romance and I guess explains why I am so drawn to wedding photography. The minute I stepped into these gowns it was like I had been transported into one of the fairytale books and I was suddenly a princess. As the photo shoot unfolded and I put on the vintage gown and standing by the wardrobe and the mirror, it was like it was made for me and all so meant to be….connected to a side that has always been there but I didn’t know I actually had. My son said you are like a princess straight out of a Maleficent movie…I literally could wear these gowns every day…I don’t think that would quite work, but I am seriously ordering one. My friend, Gayle, asked, but where will you wear it? ‘Wherever,’ I replied, ‘at home…who cares, I’m a princess!’

My absolute favourites from our amazing day and photo credits to the incredibly talented Gayle Bevan Photography.