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Congratulations Mr & Mrs Ingram

10 Nov Congratulations Mr & Mrs Ingram

Anne and Dean were married on a gorgeous autumn Saturday at the Belmont Hotel in Leicester. Loved the pre-wedding bridal session with Anne and her daughter and bridesmaid, Danni. A little jumping up and down on the bed never hurt anyone. Struggling to hold back the tears, Dean was overcome with emotion as Anne walked down the aisle with her dad.

Hands down this was truly the best, best man’s speech I have ever heard….and have heard quite a few! Guests could not stop laughing and were literally laughing about one joke before then starting to laugh about the next. One of the funniest relaying the story of Anne and Dean’s first date when Dean turned up with half a loaf of bread. Anne considered perhaps they were going to take a walk and feed the ducks afterwards but it transpired that Dean eats bread with every meal and had simply taken it with him to ensure he got to eat it with his meal. From the holey underpants that the best man produced to his jokes about Dean’s motivation to work and uncanny trick of finding laid back jobs, this was definite a highlight of the day for everyone.

Anne and Dean loved the ‘guard of honour’ for confetti and the dancing went on until late into the night….congratulations Mr & Mrs Ingram who will be honeymooning soon in NYC.

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