Congratulations to Becky & Callum - Shelley Costello Photography
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Congratulations to Becky & Callum

15 Jun Congratulations to Becky & Callum

I’d never been to Dodmore House before and was so impressed. Tucked away in the Northamptonshire countryside, this boutique wedding venue is the perfect location to tie the knot. Although it doesn’t offer accommodation for your guests, it does have a really beautiful bridal suite which has a big bedroom with enormous bathroom and tub for the bride and groom to enjoy. Everyone else can taxi it home! I joined Andrew Cooper Photography for the wedding of Becky and Callum and am always honoured to be assigned to the pre-wedding bridal photography. Just gorgeous and loved seeing a couple of faces from a previous wedding we did in 2017 where Becky was actually a bridesmaid!

More photos of this wedding feature in the portfolio which you can view here…below are a few of my favourites.