Hothorpe Hall Wedding - Shelley Costello Photography
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Hothorpe Hall Wedding

05 May Hothorpe Hall Wedding

Yesterday I had the pleasure of joining Andrew Cooper Photography for the wedding of Denise & Paul at Hothorpe Hall, Theddingworth. What a beautiful venue and what I loved most about it was the quaint green chapel. I literally stopped stunned as I walked in. The light streaming in on the pastel green walls and ceiling, the gilded gold features with the delicate flowers in the windows was breathtaking. The official ceremony took place in the main hall with a blessing afterwards in the chapel.

The vicar was incredibly entertaining, so much so that I am going to look him up! I’ve come across some amusing priests and vicars over the years but he topped the charts. Before the bride and groom came in for the blessing he pre-warned the guests that they would need to be singing and pulled out his guitar. Sing Hosanna got everyone moving and during his speech about love towards the end he pulled out L plates….for love and listening. Brilliant.

Denise and Paul are huge Star Wars fans and so the little couple on top of the cake were complete with light sabres and Darth Vadar stood outside the bar to show guests they were in the right place (no chewbacca).

Congratulations to Denise & Paul who will be jetting off to New York for their honeymoon next week…

A few favourites here and you can view the rest on my Facebook photography page.