Newborn photo session for baby Harry
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Baby Harry

15 Nov Baby Harry

It’s always lovely to do any family photo session, but when there is a baby it makes it extra special; both for them and me! I loved this session with newborn baby Harry. When Harry took a little break, their dog, popped up on the couch for a few portraits of her own!

Whenever I do any photo session, I always create a slideshow and put some music along with it – creates a mini movie story of the day or session. Sometimes people have specific music requests but for this one I chose Somewhere over the Rainbow by  Israel Kamakawio’le and Louis Armstrong’s, What a Wonderful World. It bought tears to my eyes watching it all the way through so not surprising that it had the same effect on baby Harry’s parents too….

The wall art behind some of the photographs really summed this session up; home, family, love…