Final Edits and the gorgeous 70's edit that seems to be making the cut
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The Final Edits

final edits

02 May The Final Edits

The final edits for me are as enjoyable as the photo shoot itself.  I’m like a kid at Christmas when I get home after a shoot. Seeing the photos on the big screen is like unwrapping gifts with all the ‘aaaahs’ and ‘oooohs’ that go with that too!


I’m not a fan of over editing in the sense of making people’s teeth whiter, removing wrinkles or changing the photo in a way that takes away from authenticity of it. I guess that’s the beauty of good editing; it just enhances the photograph. Photoshop is great for enhancing images. A few touches here and there to clarity, vibrance and saturation (the colours) can make all the difference. However, I much prefer to work in Lightroom; a modern day digital version of the dark room!

The Final Edits

People ask me sometimes what they can expect in terms of the final edits and what the mix of photographs will be. I find it a difficult question to answer because it isn’t until I get myself lost in the editing process that I truly know myself. Although editing obviously includes cropping and perhaps removing the odd blemish or something unsightly that detracts from the image, like a plug socket in the background for example, for me it’s predominantly about the colours.

Some images, usually those with good contrast, lend themselves well to black and white, whereas others just look so much better in colour. It’s hard to say which will work better until you are working through them and you just have a feel for it. Just because something looks dark doesn’t necessarily mean it is underexposed – the colours create a mood and what you will feel when you look at it.


I love vintage and retro photographs. Being born in the 70’s I think I just have a special connection with that kind of style. You know the gorgeous retro California photographs you see; just makes my heart sing. Early on in my photography I loved sepia. Mainly for buildings or an image that just screamed, ‘take me back to a Victorian time’. These days I rarely use sepia. I think I literally over used it to the point now I have shelved it!


Image courtesy of Picky Wallpapers


The vintage/retro look doesn’t seem to get old for me and I am totally in love with this 70’s edit. It makes certain images just look completely cool and relaxed, with a California carefree feel to them. I’ve used it quite a bit recently, from a surfer on a beach to my recent pregnancy shoot. The colour filter is amazing. Furthermore, when you’ve got 100 photos and you mix the edits across colour, a variety of different black and white edits and something like this, it creates really interesting images. The final edit really is what makes the images what they are. Matching the essence of the image – like the emotion or what story it’s telling you with the colours you finish it in. Ultimately the viewer relives that feeling, that emotion or the story you are telling….

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The final edits


The Final edits