Beautiful Baby Photo Shoot - find out more about what makes a great baby photo shoot
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Baby, Baby, Baby

05 Feb Baby, Baby, Baby

Yesterday I did a beautiful baby photo shoot for Lily who is just 3 months old. As you can see she is super cute and so taking great photographs was not difficult. Composition, however, was a little tricky. Her mum, grandma and I came up with lots of ideas about the shoot. Due to the space constraints we were limited in terms of the backdrop. There was also the consideration that at 3 months old, Lily can’t hold herself up and so we needed to ensure she was propped safely. Seriously, risk assessment is a must when it comes to photo shoots generally, but more so with babies and children.


The most important thing when it comes to photography is light. I love natural light and fortunately, the light streaming through the large front window was great. The sun just peeking through hazily. An ideal set up, which we had, is so that the natural light streams in on your subject from the side and avoiding sunlight face on.  Natural light is constantly changing and so although some of the images just used that, I did use a little fill flash to brighten the shadows. Use of gold and silver reflectors also bounces light beautifully and usually which you choose depends on the skin tone. Lily’s lends itself to both warm and cold hues – we made use of both!

Beautiful Baby Photo Shoot

If all baby shoots were as effortless as with Lily….what a perfect little bean. These are my favourite three photographs from the shoot. All photographs capture a moment…good photographs capture the essence of something, an experience or emotion; in Lily’s case they captured her innocence, sweetness and pure baby beauty. Simply perfect as is…


Beautiful Baby Photo Shoot with Lily

Beautiful Baby Photo Shoot with Lily

To view some more of the images in Lily’s baby photo shoot, please visit my Facebook page.