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Sudbury Hall

10 Nov Sudbury Hall

I visited Sudbury Hall during half term with some of my family. I’ve never really been a National Trust visitor; not for any other reason than it has never really come about and I haven’t given it that much thought. This trip really made me think I might like to join.

Hopefully not all the National Trust properties have such stern and a tad bit rude volunteering ladies working for them. One could perhaps forgive them considering there were a lot of very loud children running riot and rings around them, had it not been for the fact that we were after all in the Museum of Childhood – oh the irony. So I am unsure whether the rolling eyes, tuts and sarcastic whispers were appropriate in such an arena – although maybe they were trying to play their period counterparts…

Parts of Pride and Prejudice were filmed at Sudbury Hall and it wasn’t difficult to see why; apart from the obvious period the house was built in, the grounds were stunning and many of the rooms quite intriguing.

My absolute favourite being The Long Room. My daughter had quite a long chat with the chap who was a guide in the main house and while we walked up and down, he told her all about the room and what it was used for. In that day and age, it was deemed that women needed more exercise than men. However, in the winter, when it was considered far too cold to go outside (unsure whether that was just for women or both men too!) the women would engage for a time in walking the length and back of the Long Room, to ensure they received the appropriate amount of exercise.

What a beautiful, romantic room with the sunlight streaming in through the glorious windows. Aside from the obvious opinions towards women (no doubt created entirely by the minds of men) during that era, the room is definitely feminine with dreamy powdery hues of antique white, champagne, old lace and linen.

I have fallen under the spell of the Long Room…so much so, that I penned an ode to it…

I would happily walk the Long Room; spring, summer or fall,
despite not needing exercise, it would not matter at all.
So intriguing, calming and elegant,
it breathes a life of it’s own.
It truly is the most beautiful room I think I’ve ever known.
The Long Room, Sudbury Hall