Stunning Pembrokeshire - Shelley Costello Photography
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Stunning Pembrokeshire

08 Nov Stunning Pembrokeshire

I didn’t know you could actually drive over 4 hours from the middle of the country, west and still be on land. When we planned a short weekend trip there recently, I had figured it would take us 3 hours, maybe 3 and a half at a push. Try 5 hours later. Granted we were travelling with my brother and sister in law who have two dogs and so with 270 odd miles and two stops, we arrived into the absolutely gloriousness that is Pembrokeshire. It is as though you go through the major Welsh towns and cities and suddenly are propelled onto another planet…it really does feel like you emerge on a completely different island.

The highlights of our brief time there was the coastal walk which we did until the sun set, finishing up at Abercastle before heading back through to Trevin where we stayed. During our walk we talked my brother into clambering (free fall) down a 100 ft cliff face to rescue baby seals that we thought were in distress. It wasn’t until he actually got down there and was set upon by angry seals who were clearly just chilling in the sun, that we realised it was quite normal behaviour for them all to look beached on the sand with their parents in the water watching. Fortunately, he made it back up relatively unscathed by the rocks and unharmed by the angry seals.

We went to the famous Red Bull diving site at the Blue Lagoon in Abereiddy. My 13 and 17 year old children clambered over rocks with my brother in wet suits to swim through the freezing cold sea to reach the cliff where they would jump off. I think my son froze in his little wet suit shorts but my 17 year old daughter actually jumped off both cliff heights. Truly amazing but very frightening and enormously grateful for the sea divers who turned up at the same time and who swam around below in the lagoon to make sure she was safe when she jumped in. The sea is so glamorously green that you could be on foreign shores. At times we were surrounded by slate rock that, coupled with the piercing blue sky that weekend, cast a blue light over everything it encountered

We spent time on the beach at Abereiddy, watched the sea kayakers and built stone castles in the wind. Our visit ended with a fabulous afternoon lunch at The Shed Bistro in Porthgain which was absolutely sensational. Despite it being a fish restaurant and my daughter and I being strict vegetarians, the chips and peas were to die for. We also took in a quaint gallery there and met a Pyrenees mountain dog that would have dwarfed a pony.

We didn’t want to leave, the kids begged to be off school the following day, but I threw my new pom pom hat to my sister in law as we left and made the 5 hour journey back home.

We were literally there for 32 hours…which included a night of sleep and 10 hours of driving there and back, but it was as though time stopped still and we were immersed in beautiful scenery and an environment that literally takes your breath away. The photography was joyous and what was not to photograph, everything just yelled, pick me, pick me….was truly soothing for the soul and my heart was uplifted as we drove home back to reality.